FlexVirtual International Footvolley 

Tournament Groningen 2-5 January 2020


Footvolley opening season!

The thing is that you love the game and always want to play. Even in the first week of January. So we greated the International Footvolley Tournament Groningen (IFTG). It is the opening of the footvolley season.  Coming up edition 2-5 January 2020









The IFTG Event

The coming up edition 2020 is bringing Footvolley even more in the spotlights. IFTG aims at 40 teams men and women from all over the world.  IFTG event is held in the lively student city Groningen. Date of the tournament will be:   2-5 January 2020 in the center of Groningen.



Resources for Players

A Footvolley Journey

Students of the Hanzehogeschool Groningen made a documentary about footvolley.

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Tournament information

we try to give as much information about the upcoming international footvolley tournament in Groningen as possible.

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City of Groningen

Discover the vibrant center of Groningen where history, culture and enjoyment are central

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Thank You To Our Partners



Become a partner IFTG

Your contribution is spent on a fantastic spectacular tournament with a lot of international teams from around the world. If you are looking for a spectacular sport for both men and women you’ve found it! Take your chance and find out the possibilities we offer HERE!

International Footvolley Tournament Groningen (also known as IFTG) is the largest indoor Footvolley tournament in Europe. The event starts in the first week of January for all teams. IFTG is held in the lively University city of Groningen. Groningen was proclaimed by various media and travel organisations as the city with the best and most fun city centre in the Netherlands, because of its charm and accessibility.


Martini Hotel partner hotel IFTG 2020

We are pleased with our new partner Martinihotel for the accommodation of players IFTG 2020.The Martini Hotel is a distinctive 3 * hotel in the city centre of Groningen. With 116 hotel rooms, an outstanding restaurant and a cosy bar. 
When you walk out the door you will find yourself in the centre of the vibrant city Groningen. From here the shopping streets, Groninger Museum, the Martini tower and many more that the city has to offer.

Part of Martini Hotel Group


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